Pentru informaţii oficiale despre Granturile SEE accesaţi


Project Promoter:

Vrancea County Council


Partner 1: Vrancea County Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance (C.J.R.A.E.)

CJRAE represents a special integrated educational institution specialized in offering, coordinating and monitoring specific educational services for children / students, teachers, parents and members of community, in order to assure access to a qualitative education, as well as the assistance necessary to achieve it.

The main objectives of CJRAE activities are:

a) educating and maintaining all children / adolescents in the compulsory educational system, no matter the psycho-individual and social particularities;

b) assuring necessary additional support in order to develop quality education according to the biopsychosocial potential of each child / adolescent.;

c) informing and counselling teachers in the spirit of didactic-educational activity;

d) collaboration with educational factors involved in the development of students / adolescents’ development in order to achieve their optimal integration in school, social and professional life;

e) involving parents in activities specific to an efficient relation between school-family-community, as a foundation of school adaptation and social integration of children / adolescents;

f) organizing study elaboration concerning school abandon, deflecting juvenile behaviour, negative entourage, extracurricular activities / free time;

g) organizing anti-violence programs and projects in the educational area.

Partner 2: “Elena Doamna” School Centre for Inclusive Education (C.S.E.I.) from Focşani

Partner 3: InterCultural Iceland

InterCultural Iceland is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation specialised in development of some innovative educational initiatives, supplying multi-disciplinary expertise and training programs for teachers and other categories of specialists. ICI was set up in 2003 in Reykjavík, Iceland under the following main objectives:

- fighting discrimination and prejudice in education by organizing teacher training programs;

- raising awareness of intercultural diversity advantages and the positive role of migrants in the development of any society;

- facilitating access of migrants to information and active citizenship, inclusively by means of translation services.

ICI is an important centre of research and training, with a rich experience and expertise in training adults on intercultural education themes, learning by collaboration, fighting racism and discrimination, ascertainment and sensitization concerning the problem of migration.

ICI has the necessary expertise concerning the implementation of European educational projects, especially due to previous involvement in Comenius / Grundtvig / Leonardo projects, and the trainers of the institution know the Romanian educational and cultural environment due to previous activities developed in Romania and involvement in educational projects with Romanian partners.