Pentru informaţii oficiale despre Granturile SEE accesaţi

 A) setting up 3 Areal Centres of Psychoeducational Services for Remigrant Children which will supply services of psychological and pedagogical assistance for all target groups in order to assure the access of children to educational resources aimed to equalize chances and access education on a period of 12 months (but also during the sustainability period) .

B) development and supply of new, innovative integrated educational services, aiming the intervention of educative triad child-parent-teacher / another specialist with specific formal and informal education instruments, services that assure integrated assistance for remigrant children: group counselling, individual counselling, remedial activities, educational activities in informal environments / summer camps (12 months of project implementation plus sustainability period ).

C) elaboration of innovative and integrate educational methodology (work guides for specialists, intervention methodologies, work instruments, methodologies of psychological evaluation results interpretation) which will be a support for the beneficiaries with the purpose to overcome the difficulty or vulnerability associated to returning to Romania after a long period of time spent abroad.