Pentru informaţii oficiale despre Granturile SEE accesaţi

Study visits to promote the intercultural understanding

The objective of those activities was to promote the intercultural understanding through presenting the Romanian cultural values and analyzing them by comparing to the culture and values of the adoptive country during migration, in an excursion that combined visiting historical sites (Mărășești Mausoleum, Moș Ion Roată Memorial House) with informal and nonformal education in mixed groups (remigrant children, parents, teachers etc.). During the implementation period there were 10 activities (with 30 participants on average: remigrant children, parents, members of the implementation team, teachers).


Workshops for facilitating the integration of the vulnerable groups

During the implementation period, 8 workshops were organized with mixed groups (parents, representatives of public institutions, teachers, experts from the implementation team). The discussions were focused on the difficulties in the integration of the remigrant children in the educational system, as seen by the parents, teachers, school managers. In each workshop we identified common solutions to facilitate the social and educational integration of the remigrant children to fundament coherent action strategies within each educational institution.