Pentru informaţii oficiale despre Granturile SEE accesaţi

Program RO10

RO10 Program „Children and adolescents in risk situations and local and regional Initiatives in order to reduce national inequality and promote social inclusion " is financed by means of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA grants) 2009-2014.

The program suggests a contribution to improving the situation of children and adolescents under risk situation by actively involving them in their evolution, the evolution of their parents / custodians, service suppliers, the community in general, as well as initiation / steering of innovative measures in the social inclusion field.

The activities financed in the program will contribute to the reduction of economic and social differences which separate these vulnerable groups from the rest of the society.

The specific objectives of the program are:

a) Implementation of integrated, efficient and effective measures for the groups of vulnerable children and adolescents, who are facing specific risks, in order to promote social inclusion,

b) Development of initiatives in order to reduce inequality and improve the measures to fight the discrimination of vulnerable groups, their social and economic exclusion, initiated measures in collaboration, by local and regional authorities, respectively by actors in the private environments and civil society .

The Program Operator is The Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF), and partner to the Program from behalf of the Donor States is the European Council by means of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation.

The call Synergies for the future

The Project I GROW UP in Vrancea! – Remigrant Children in Vrancea – educated, supported, counselled!” is financed in the call “Synergies for the future – children in risk situations” in the program RO10.

The call named “Synergies for the future – children in risk situations” is oriented towards the projects suggesting actual and efficient measures which mainly aim the upgrade of vulnerable children welfare.

The call supports large projects, developed at country / municipal, regional or national level, oriented towards solving the system problems, for the large number of beneficiaries, including Romani, who live in a multicultural environment, confronting with marginalization and, sometimes, discrimination.

The expected results of the call are:

- increase of access and participation at preschool education;

- improvement of school frequency and reduction of school dropout;

- improvement of life abilities;

- increase of awareness concerning the need to benefit from education in risk children families, but also from community in general;

- prevention and reduction of exploitation and abuses of any kind;

- prevention and reduction of delinquency and social alienation determined by exposure to deflective social models;

- prevention of aggravation of conditions leading to family disorganisation and social exclusion;

- better prepared professionals involved in the activities destined to risk children or in those aiming social inclusion;

- increase of access level to the adapted / integrated services addressed to risk children.