Pentru informaţii oficiale despre Granturile SEE accesaţi


The purpose of the Project is facilitating social and educational integration of remigrant children (children returned to Romania after a long period of time spent abroad) by implementing active measures which aim the children’s psycho-educational counselling as well as the abilities development of parents and specialists involved in the process of educating these children.

In order to reach this purpose, an innovative methodology will be elaborated in order to allow new services at the disposal of the remigrant children, through an integrated approach aiming satisfying children’s main educational and psycho-social needs through specific actions integrated in a unitary vision.

The activities suggested by the project aim the reduction of social, education and especially psychological differences which separate this vulnerable group by their peers and make normal psychological and educational development harder for remigrant children.

The project contributes to reaching the general objectives of RO10 Program „Children and adolescents in risk situations and local and regional Initiatives in order to reduce national inequality and promote social inclusion” by strengthening social cohesion at Vrancea County level by optimal integration of remigrant children in the Romanian educational and social system, but also by increasing cohesion of socio-educational environment due to the involvement of a large number of people with different qualities and social status (parents, teachers, school mediators, school counsellors, social workers) in these demarches of facilitating reintegration of remigrant children.